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Pre-File Cases:
Taking the Next Step

Investigation to Arrest to Charges Filed

If police are attempting to contact you regarding criminal allegations or if you have been arrested, questioned, and released without a citation, you are in the pre-file investigation stage of a case.  Often these investigations are done after someone has been contacted by law enforcement but before charges have been filed.  This is the most important time to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help try to avoid being charged with a crime that may affect your permanent record.

During this stage of the process, the experienced attorneys at Rocky Mountain Defenders can help you understand the charges that may be filed and attempt to prevent the charges from being filed.  If charges are filed, our attorneys can attempt to reduce the charge and assist with your surrender to help you avoid arrest.

If you are being investigated by police, you need help NOW!  Please contact our office at 1-801-550-1455 or simply submit a case evaluation form.  We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will get started on your case today -
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